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Monday, February 27, 2017

Actimove® PTKD (Post Traumatic Knee Dressing)

Actimove® PTKD (Post Traumatic Knee Dressing)
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  • Brand: Jobst
  • Manufacturer SKU: 7285900
  • ADM ID: 4567
Our Price: $24.99
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The Actimove PTKD (Post Traumatic Knee Dressing) is a new knee wrap that replaces traditional compression bandaging. Use the Actimove PTKD instead of wasting time applying a multi-layered bandaging system. The Actimove knee dressing supplies steady compression and supports the injured knee. It is best if used for arthoscopic intervention or trauma of the knee. The Actimove PTKD is universally sized.
  • The Actimove® PTKD provides steady compression and support
  • This brace is less cumbersome than a multi-layered bandaging system and offers the same support
  • Ideal for arthoscopic interventions or knee trauma
  • Use the Actimove® PTKD instead of traditional "Jones Dressing"
  • The knee dressing comes in a black and blue coloring
  • Simple hook and loop closure system enables a quick application
  • Universal Size
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