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Monday, February 27, 2017

Darco Body Armor Walker High and Low Boot

Darco Body Armor Walker High and Low Boot
Product Details
  • Brand: Darco
  • Manufacturer SKU: 15000E
  • ADM ID: 2809
Our Price: $67.99
We're sorry this product is currently unavailable for purchase.
Darco Body Armor Walker Boots have a hard shell design and a compression sleeve. The walker sole is low profile for comfort while walking and the focal compression pads make it easier for the patient. The ankle support's liner is attached with velcro and can be removed for easy cleaning by hand with a mild detergent. Available in High and Low height profile.
  • Designed to fit either left or right foot
  • Available in High or Low height profile
  • Comes in 3 sizes - Small, Medium, or Large
  • Order by men's shoe size: 6-7.5 = Small; 8-10.5 = Medium; 11-14 = Large
  • Order by women's shoe size: 7-8.5 = Small; 9-11.5 = Medium; 12+ = Large
  • For Men and Women to help alleviate pain associated with ankle sprains, fractures, and soft tissue and ligament injuries
  • Durable outer shell provides superior protection
  • Offers consistent compression with an adjustable buckling system
  • Comes with a padded insole and rocker sole
  • Provides air circulation for comfort and breathability
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