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Monday, February 27, 2017

Drive TranSport Aluminum Chair

Drive TranSport Aluminum Chair
Product Details
  • Brand: Drive
  • Manufacturer SKU: TS19
  • ADM ID: 3990
Our Price: $199.99
We're sorry this product is currently unavailable for purchase.
Drive TranSport Chair is super light (only 14.5 pounds)! It's light enough to carry and it folds down; perfect to put in a car or store away in small areas. The TranSport has an aluminum frame and sturdy upholstery to securely support individuals as they amble about in the chair. The chair's removable arms and swing-away legs allow you to adjust the chair to your own preferences. Fold-able!

Folded TranSport

  • Frame is constructed of aluminum making the chair both stable and lightweight
  • Quality upholstery is simple to clean, provides strong support, and it's made of lightweight material
  • Easy to move around, the transport chair weighs a mere 14.5 pounds
  • Armrests are cushioned and can be flipped up and out of the way or removed completely
  • Magnets keeps footrests in place when chair is being carried or moved about
  • Back folds forward to make chair compact for storage and transportation purposes
  • Push or pull lever enabled by two way back release
  • Adjust chair height and footrests without the needs for tools
  • Rear wheels have aluminum locks
  • Blue frame and blue upholstery
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