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Monday, February 27, 2017

Haemolance® Plus Lancets

Haemolance® Plus Lancets
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The Haemolance Plus safety lancets protect patients and caregivers from accidentals needle pricks. The needle remains hidden under a protective cover prior to use. After a puncture is made the needle retracts automatically and locks out as an extra safety measure. The Haemolance Plus lancets are ergonomically designed for easy handling. Available in three gauges: 21G, 25G, and 28G. Sold in boxes of 50 and 150.
  • Haemolance® Plus lancets features automatic lockout after use
  • 3 gauge sizes to choose amongst: 21G - Normal Flow, 25G - Low Flow, or 28G - Micro Flow
  • Select lancets in a box of 50 or a box or 150. 28 G Microflow only available in 150/box
  • Needle remains hidden prior to use and immediately retracts after use to prevent needle sticks, cross contamination, and help ease patient discomfort
  • Ergonomic lancets
  • The Haemolance® Plus lancets meet OSHA requirements
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