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Monday, February 27, 2017

BD Magni-Guide™

BD Magni-Guide™
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The BD Magni-Guide makes handling the insulin syringe easier to manipulate. The Magni-Guide enhances the view 1.7 times. The Magni-Guide is also a helpful aid for people with dexterity issues who have difficulty holding the syringe and vial. The Magni-Guide helps stabilize the syringe and insulin bottle by making it simpler to hold and guide.
  • BD Magni-Guide™ allows you to hold the syringe and the vial together while it magnifies for an easier time viewing
  • Clips onto the syringe
  • Helpful to individuals who have a hard time reading or for those who have trouble holding the syringe steady. The Magni-Guide™ helps stabilize the syringe and insulin bottle.
  • Magnification strength is 1.7 X
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