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Monday, February 27, 2017

Zippered Anti-Embolism Stockings, Thigh Length, 18mmHg

Zippered Anti-Embolism Stockings, Thigh Length, 18mmHg
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  • Brand: Bell-Horn
  • Manufacturer SKU: 11990 S/Short
  • ADM ID: 4505
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The Bell-Horn Zippered Anti-Embolism stockings help people who are in a prone position for extended periods of time by keeping blood from collecting in the lower extremities. The anti-embolism stockings provide gradient compression to the legs, allowing the blood and fluid to circulate normally. The zippered anti-embolism stockings make it simpler to apply the stockings to the legs. The zipper ring is easy to pull up over the leg. Choose from one of 4 sizes (S, M, L, & XL) and 3 leg lengths: Short, Regular, and Long. The anti-embolism stockings come in a white color like most TED hose.
  • The Zippered Anti-Embolism Stockings are available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, & XL.
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  • Choose amongst 3 leg lengths: Short, regular, and long.
  • The stockings only come in a WHITE color
  • The highest concentration of pressure is present at the ankle and progressively decreases throughout the leg.
  • The thigh length stockings keep the blood and lymph fluids flowing.
  • One pair of stockings present in a each package.
  • The stocking have an inspection hole on the bottom of the stocking to monitor skin color, pulse, and temperature.
  • Compression level = 18 mmHg
  • The stockings have a Zipper Ring to help patients with limited dexterity apply the stockings with ease.

    Zipper pic

  • The Zippered Anti-Embolism stocking are useful for the treatment of venostasis.
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