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Monday, February 27, 2017

Suction Cups for Drive Transfer Bench

Suction Cups for Drive Transfer Bench
Product Details
  • Brand: Drive
  • Manufacturer SKU: 12011SL
  • ADM ID: 3951
Our Price: $24.99

We're sorry this product is currently unavailable for purchase.
Suction cups keep the transfer bench securely affixed to the floor and tub. The suction cups lock the bench onto the ground forming a tight sealant. It's imperative to replace worn cups because they ensure the transfer bench doesn't move while holding a person. Replace suction cups as needed or purchase an extra pair as a precaution.

Suction cups come in Small and Large.

  • Suction cups work best with the Drive Plastic or Padded Transfer Benches
  • Large suction cups come with screws
  • 1 pair of suction cups per box
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